Civil Engineering
GM’s civil engineering department offers a broad range of services for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our engineers have extensive experience with complex hillside developments and urban infill projects. GM’s civil engineering department always seeks to find the most economical and innovative design alternatives.

Civil Engineering services include:
Feasibility Studies
Surveying and Mapping
Grading, Drainage, and Flood Control
Retaining Walls and Slope Repairs
Hydrology and Hydraulics
Sewer, Storm Drain, and
and Street Lighting Design

Construction Surveying & Staking
A crucial part of any development project, construction surveying is the process of translating construction plans into physical points on the ground to form the basis for actual construction. Construction surveying is a specialty within the field of land surveying and is used for all manner of construction, ranging from hillside grading to building layouts and public works improvements.

Construction Surveying & Staking services include:
Building Layouts
Staking of Caissons and Piles
Staking of Grading and Retaining Walls
Staking of Sewers, Storm Drains, & Utilities
Street Improvements
As-Built Surveys
Staking of Public Works Improvements
Monitoring and Observation

Surveying & Mapping
Surveying is the science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points, and the angles and distances between them. Surveyors use elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, physics, and law. Surveying and Mapping are the foundation which engineers, architects, and contractors rely on for all subsequent stages of a development project. Surveys and Maps may also be prepared independently of other construction work, for example to mark property lines or to prepare a legal description and exhibit for an easement or lot line adjustment.

Surveying & Mapping services include:
Preliminary Subdivision Maps
Final Subdivision Maps
Condominium Maps
Lot Line Adjustments
Legal Descriptions & Exhibits (Easements, Dedications, etc.)
Expert Witness Services
Preparation of Centerline Ties
Architectural Design Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Aerial Photographic Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Global Positions System Surveys (
Boundary Surveys
As-Built Surveys
Street Cross-Sections
Records of Survey
Corner Records
Construction Staking
Monitoring & Observation
Marking Lot Corners

Planning & Subdivisions
use planning and the entitlement process are often the most sensitive aspects of a development project. GM provides a full range of planning services, with extensive experience ranging from simple lot splits to major subdivisions consisting of thousands of lots. Our Planning Staff has long-established relationships with planners in the County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles and surrounding municipalities.

Planning & Subdivision services include:
Feasibility Studies
Preliminary Subdivision Maps
Final Subdivision Maps
Entitlements & Conditions
Slope Density Analyses
Public Hearings
Zone Changes
Conditional Use Permits
General Plan Amendments
Project Management

Processing Plans & Permits
In addition to providing civil engineering design, GM also processes the plans to obtain permits for construction from regulating agencies.

Processing Plans & Permits services include:
Civil Engineering Plans and Permits
Bond Preparation
Covenants and Agreements
Recordation of Official Documents


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